PLTC Policies and Procedures

PLTC Policies and Procedures

As a registered LTA venue, PLTC are held to the highest standards, not only in the provision of facilities, management and coaching but also in supporting the welfare of all players, volunteers, coaches and those using and supporting the club.

To ensure the safety and security of all those who play, volunteer and support tennis at PLTC, the club’s management committee have endorsed a set of Policies, based on similar policies adopted by the LTA.

Details of these Policies can be accessed via the links below and are also displayed on the ‘Policies and Procedures’ noticeboard, between the cloakrooms in the clubhouse.  Members are encouraged to make themselves acquainted with these.

All members of the club are obliged to conform to the PLTC Code of Conduct, particularly in regard to their dealings with Juniors.  Indeed, it is condition of membership that members uphold this Code.  The Code is referred to on our membership application form and is sent to all members at the time of their annual membership renewal.

The safeguarding of all children and ‘adults at risk’ is paramount and the policies detailed in our Safeguarding Policy will be strictly adhered to.

Any concern recording concerns about a child or adult that involve physical/ sexual/ emotional/ financial abuse, bullying, neglect or discrimination can be recorded and sent directly to the LTA Safeguarding team using this ‘Reporting a Concern form.  As a club, we are committed to encouraging and maintaining a culture where people feel able to raise genuine safeguarding concerns and can be confident that these will be taken seriously.

If someone is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

We are proud to have a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that demonstrates our commitment to making tennis at PLTC diverse and inclusive.

PLTC have adopted the LTA’s guidelines on Transgender issues as laid down in our Transgender Policy’ and will adhere to these.

PLTC adopts a zero-tolerance approach to bullying as detailed in our Bullying Policy.

A Complaints and Appeals Policy with associated procedures exist to enable individuals to make complaints about internal matters that fall short of safeguarding issues and ensures that these are dealt with in a consistent and fair manner.

The club will not tolerate any harassment, victimisation or unfair treatment of, and will take appropriate action to protect, whistle blowers when they raise an internal complaint or a safeguarding concern in good faith, as detailed in our Whistleblowing Policy

The use that PLTC makes of members’ personal details is governed by our Data Protection Policy, which has been distributed to all members.

General guideline on fair play and playing with consideration for others are contained in our Playing Guidelines’ document.   Again, this is sent to all members at the time of their membership renewal.

The House Rules are a formal statement of the rules and arrangements that apply during Social Tennis sessions and Fixed games.

Other policies will be added, as and when they are proposed by the LTA and agreed by the PLTC management committee..

Welfare Officer

The club has an appointed Welfare Officer, who has completed the relevant safeguarding training.  Val Fineberg undertakes this role and should be the first point of contact for any safeguarding concerns.  She can be reached on 07931 283340 and further details of the scope of her role can be found in the Welfare Officer’ document.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All coaches working at PLTC have a satisfactory DBS certification, according to their precise role and their involvement with children.  A list of the accredited coaching staff and the level of DBS is shown in the ‘Accredited Coaches‘ document and on the Noticeboard.

 Risk Assessment

A risk assessment of our facilities in carried out once a year.  A document showing the assessment made in 2018 will shortly be available.


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